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Guides For Finding Your Desired Products

There are 3 ways to find your desired products :

  1. Browse By Categories
  2. Search By Keyword
  3. Search By Supplier Name
1. Browse By Categories

This is a straightforward way to find your desired products. You can scan our product categories and pick your favourite products. On our homepage, all categories belong to either one of the 2 main types : Products or Services. To find the products, simply :

  • Click one of the categories
  • Select one or more sub-categories by checking the square box(es)
  • Click the button Show Products
2. Search By Keyword
For instance, you look for your favourite watch, then you know you probably can find it out if you type watch for the keyword. You can even input a partial word as keywords, i.e. you can type wa to look for watch. Optionally, you can choose the desired category.

The search section is on the homepage. To search products with a keyword :

  • Select the desired Category (Optional)
  • Enter your keyword
  • Click the Search button
  • The number behind each sub-category is the number of matched products under that sub-category. You can select one or more sub-categories
  • Click the button Show Products
3. Search By Supplier

The search section is on the middle of our homepage. Enter the company name to search, with optional desired category.

  • Select the desired Category (Optional)
  • Enter company name in the Company field

Click the Search button to confirm.


If you want to examine the product image in detail, you can simply click the product image to enlarge it. Those product images has 3 different size to match your needs :

  1. Thumbnails ( showing product images from different suppliers )
  2. Medium ( displayed after clicking the thumbnails )
  3. Large ( displayed after clicking the medium one )
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