Huashi Crafts Trading Co., Ltd is located at Suzhou, an ancient city with a history long as 2500 years. It has always been famous for its numerous scholars, business, embroidery, silk and handcrafts in the history.

Embroidery of Huashi is the combination of traditional culture and modern art, also, it is of various themes and styles, including: flowers, birds, insects, fish, portraits, scenery, ancient lady picture, world famous paintings, etc. The styles includes: single face, double face and disorder needle embroidery. Each style shows special technique and appriciation of art.

The company owns the following subsidiaries:

Changqiao Stationery & Craft
Factory of Wuxian CityDongzhu
Embroidery Factory of Wuxian
CityJinhua Embroidery Town
Dongbin Travel Products &
Crafts Sales Agency

Our company has always aimed to reputation and served customers all over the world and we can also manufacture on your own sketches.

There are Huashi products where there are human beings.

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