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August 13 2007 , Monday       
Guides For Sending Inquiries To Various Suppliers
1. Login as a member. See the section Guides For Logging In As A Member for details.
2. Find your favourite products. See the section Guides For Finding Your Desired Products for details.
3. Now you should see a page showing thumbnails of products. If you want to examine the product image in detail, you can simply click the product image to enlarge it. Those product images has 3 different size to match your needs :
  1. Thumbnails ( showing product images from different suppliers )
  2. Medium ( displayed after clicking the thumbnails )
  3. Large ( displayed after clicking the medium one )
4. As you might have noticed, there is a small square box below each thumbnail image. Note that this box also appear below the medium and large product images. Check this box if you send inquiry to the corresponding supplier about that particular product.
5. Your choices will be cached unless you click the button Clear Basket below the blue menu bar. Therefore, you can freely switch from page to page and check the sqaure boxes below your favourite product images. Note that the total number of checked boxes should not be greater than 20. Otherwise, you will not be able to send inquiries.
6. There are 3 buttons below the blue menu bar, they are for :
A) Check Basket
Checking the number of products, suppliers and countries of origin for checked boxes ( selected products )
B) Empty Basket
Unchecking all the square boxes, i.e. deselecting all the products
C) Send Inquiry
Invoking the send inquiry function
7. If your decision is final and ready to send inquiry, click the button Send Inquiry.
8. Input your inquiry message. Click Send. Corresponding suppliers of those selected products will receive your message soon.
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