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August 7 2007 , Tuesday     

Please check the contact information below if you are interested in our high quality products.
Shenzhen Ming Wei Arts Carving Ltd. is a company which can manufacture craftworks with a history of nearly 30 years. We manufacture various kinds of wooden carvings, pictures, folding screens and wooden gifts.
Our products are made through fine process including photograph, drawing, designing, material-sele-cting, drying, antisepticising, cutting, grinding, carving, painting and other dyeing methods, and etc. The styles of our products are inimitable and cultural.
Carving parrot, Carving red crane, Drawing fish
Carving parrot
Product Description
Carving parrot

Carving red crane

Product Description
Carving red crane


Drawing fish

Product Description
Drawing fish

Company : Shenzhen Ming Wei Arts Carving Ltd.
Address : Room 2A066, 2F Sungang Warehouse Area, Meiyuan Rd., Baoan North Road,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Contact : Ms. Liao
Tel : (86-755) 2473527
Fax : (86-755) 2473527
Email : [email protected]

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